On love.

Dear you, I got your heartfelt letter and it brought tears to my eyes. As soon as I read it, words started flowing in my head. But I didn't want to move away from the words you'd written for me for the first time. I read them a hundred times. And so, I want to … Continue reading On love.


To Har ki dun, Uttarakhand

Dear you, He had asked me and I'd said yes without giving it much thought. Although a few days before I wanted to refuse, I just couldn't because I'd already said yes. It was about the word. I'd been somewhat afraid of him earlier and the travel together 3 years ago hadn't made things any … Continue reading To Har ki dun, Uttarakhand

To the land of Bhotias, Lahaul

Dear you, So it was my last exam of 4th semester. I had decided quite earlier that I'll not spend one more night in Delhi. Pabbar valley it was to be. And so I packed my bags and the next morning got down from a bus at Shimla. It was 29th May 2016. Shimla always … Continue reading To the land of Bhotias, Lahaul