On love.

Dear you,

I got your heartfelt letter and it brought tears to my eyes. As soon as I read it, words started flowing in my head. But I didn’t want to move away from the words you’d written for me for the first time. I read them a hundred times. And so, I want to quote your words, and possibly the deep feelings that lie underneath them, here.

When you are blessed and showered with love and at the same time you are afraid to lose it…you are afraid not to have it forever.. then the feelings of happiness and sadness come together…

when you try to live the very moment knowing the uncertainty ahead…you have this mixed feeling

when you sense uncertainty is coming to conquer your love and break its confidence…you try to live the losing moment to the fullest and cry at the same time…then you have mixed feelings of happy and sad…

when you see your love is not strong enough and becoming conditional (being practical they say) but you don’t want to come out of your idealistic love you have fantasised about since childhood then you get this mixed feeling of happiness and sadness..

Truly said, ‘love makes one vulnerable. It tears your heart apart.’

Then both smileys get along together.”

One cannot but live with uncertainty. Life is uncertain. That, however, does not mean we become a prisoner to these tricks of life. We survive only because we love. That it is bound to result in pure bliss at times and in inconsolable misery at others does not take away it’s need or our craving for it. Love is what makes us Alive.

Always yours,



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