On love-0.2

Dear you,

Last time I wrote you my reflections on love. And as I promised, I’m writing this time the response of S that I’d received to those musings. He told me that he couldn’t refrain from expressing his views on this and wanted to share some things he had gathered from his experiences about love. Even though he said that I should consider his words an unnecessary blabber, now I believe his words are worth communicating to you. And he wrote:

Love is an emotion. An emotion like anger, hate, belief, trust and so many others. Yet, love makes us wonder a lot more than any other emotion. Probably because love is the only emotion which features with a lot of other emotions. In fact, you can take any emotion and call it ‘love’.

If you are in love with someone you might get angry with them. But if you are angry with someone, you will not fall in love with them.

If you are in love with someone then you might hate them as well. But if you hate someone, you can’t fall in love with them.

If you are in love with someone, you might also distrust them. But if you distrust someone, then you cannot be in love with them.”

He thought that love enjoys omnipresence and that’s why gets a lot of beating. For him, everyone has their own definition of love and they are happy with it.

He wrote further about a scene he had seen in an English movie which he thought came closest to the definition of love.

“A woman was eating a pear. A man asked her,”How does it taste?” She was enjoying the pear and did not care much for the question. “Obviously sweet”, she replied. He said,” I want to know how do you feel when you taste it.”

And he concluded thus:”Love is everything and a lot of curiosity.”

Always yours,


Note: cover picture courtesy Google.


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