To the cold desert of Spiti, Himachal

Dear you, I'd written an important exam on 18th june, 2017. So the next day I packed my bags and left for Kashmiri gate ISBT. I reached late and my two friends were already waiting. We spent quite sometime trying to get bus ticket to Manali but failed to get it. Delhi was hot and … Continue reading To the cold desert of Spiti, Himachal


To failure.

Dear you, I checked my fifth semester results yesterday. I'd got a back in one of the six papers. At first I thought I'd failed in the five papers whose code was mentioned. The very thought made me feel as if the earth had slipped away from under my feet. To little relief I realised … Continue reading To failure.

To Jibhi and Jalori, Himachal

Dear you, Imagine a wood cottage beside the river, a tower like fort in the mountains, a snow covered pass and a frozen lake. Well, all this was there and more when I left for Jibhi in Himachal. My decided company was to be V who is becoming my latest travel partner (after being to … Continue reading To Jibhi and Jalori, Himachal

To Kalpa and Chitkul, Himachal

Dear you, I can’t think of a beginning. And then I began: I’m no hobbit. And I’m probably my own Gandalf. But my adventure isn’t just about me. It is about the numerous people who made the journey happen. So, finally, after many days’ of doubt and fear I decided to leave despite all the … Continue reading To Kalpa and Chitkul, Himachal

To deserts-white and golden.

Dear you, While I had been planning to be in the whites of snow after my exams, I found myself in the whites of the salt desert. A full moon in the white desert at Rann of Kutch was the newfound wish. We booked our tickets for a private bus to Jodhpur while drinking cappuccino … Continue reading To deserts-white and golden.

To the moon and back.

Dear you, I knew where I wanted to be. This time it was a lake perched in the lap of cold deserts of Spiti. The moon lake(Chandrataal) as it is usually called owing to its crescent shape. I had it all planned in my mind. It turned out to be altogether different was another matter … Continue reading To the moon and back.